ECHAS is made up of people who love everything celtic. They meet in concerts, talk about CDs, books and films which are somehow connected with the countries they are interested in. Some of them have already been to the places they like, some are only going to do this. The Irish section is most developed, as Ireland is the beginning :) - most of the people met thanks to Ireland. For some years, under the name of WOTPI, they had been promoting Ireland in Warsaw. They connected event organisers and performers (eg. they invited the band Beltaine to Poland after a long break, and when the organisers saw what was happening at the concert, there id definitely going to be no more breaks). 

They led a timetable of Irish events in Warsaw (which now also includes events taking place in other cities).

Currently, their field of interest  includes Ireland as well as Brittany, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Man Island.

"If Celts or some country/region are the scope of your interest, also in their contemporary version, feel welcome!"

"If you know about an event about which others should be informed, you can fill out our timetable on your own. If you can share your knowledge with others, you can create a profile for yourselves on our website and write thematically connected articles. We are planning to create a great Celtic knowledge base and you can contribute to it."

"If you do something which can be interesting to us (you have an Irish/Breton school of dance, a celtic band, have a celtic reconstruction group, or have a webpage having to do with the topics we take interest in, please get in touch with us because we are planning to promote such initiatives."

" is also a social network, so if you simply wish to talk with people who share your passion, you are really welcome here."

Europejskie Stowarzyszenie 
Dziedzictwa Celtyckiego
(European Celtic Heritage Association)

temporary headquarters:
ul. Skierniewicka 21/17 
01-230 Warszawa 
22 378-39-66
22 378-39-67