Muslim Ligue in Poland (Liga Muzułmańska w RP) is a faith association active on the territory of Poland and gathering Polish muslims as well as muslims of Polish citizenship and muslims with temporary or permanent stay in Poland. Among aims of the Ligue are: promoting the idea of Islam, teaching and consolidating the rules of Islam, providing muslim religious services, promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue, undertaking activties for cooperation with Polish society while maintaining muslim identity.

The Ligue was founded by Polish muslims and was officially registered by Department of Denominations and National and Ethnic Minorities in Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration on 6th January, 2004.

Liga Muzułmańskiej w RP - Oddział Mazowiecki w Warszawie
Muslim Ligue in Poland - Mazovia Department in Warsaw
25 / 43 Niska St
01-046 Warsaw

Contact details:
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