The organisation deals with establishing and developing neighbourly relations based on cooperation and friendship between republic of Poland and countries to the East of the river Bug.

Among the aims of the Association are:

  • To undertake activities creating neighbourly relations, cooperation, friendship based on the equality, mutual understanding, trust, respect between Poles and societies of Eastern countries.
  • To undertake activities helping to learn about history, traditions, culture, society, economy etc. of Poland in Western countries and of Eastern countries in Poland.
  • To promote and support cooperation in the field of economy between countries as well as individuals.
  • To initiate and develop cooperation in the fields of science, education, culture, tourism.

    Stowarzyszenie Współpracy Polska-Wschód

    Poland-East Association for Cooperation
    115 Marszałkowska St
    Dom Przyjaźni / House of Friendship

Contact details:

tel. 22 826 15 31
tel./fax: 22 826-96-01
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.