The word Morasha stands for heritage in Hebrew. Lauder - Morasha Schools has been the first schools to date (since 1949) in Warsaw that keep and enrich the cultural and historical heritage of Polish Jews. There are realized educational programmes confirmed by the Ministry of National Education and also the ones created by teachers of Lauder - Morasha Schools.
The integral part of the educational offer of the Schools are additional subjects as: Hebrew, Jewish Culture, History of Jews. Thanks to that the pupils have a chance to immerse into the knowledge of Judaism, its history and tradition.
Also the joint celebrating Jewish holidays and traditions (Shabbat breakfastsm Tchanuka, Purim) helps to build the friendly atmosphere.

Warsaw based Lauder - Morasha Schools, together with the Lauder School in Wrocław (Lauder Etz Chaim School) are the part of the Lauder Schools system in Central and Eastern Europe which are sponsored by Lauder's Foundation what creates the opportunity to keep wide contacts with Lauder Schools in the whole European Union as well as in the US.