Icelandic Student Club has been existing since the October 2005 at University of Warsaw and presents the heritage of Icelandic culture.

The Club is based in the Faculty of Polonistyka (studies on Polish language, literature and culture) and the Club meetings take place in the Faculty café as the founder of the Club and most of its participants study at the Faculty. Although it must be mentioned among the participants are also students of other faculties - Italianistyka (studies on Italian language, literature and culture), Romanistyka (studies on French language, literature and culture) and Europeistyka (studies on European politics, economy, culture).

The Club gives all of the people interested in the use of selected texts of Icelandic culture, organizes, film reviews, meetings with artists, exhibitions, literature meetings, music events and slide shows.

The Club also participated in the 1st Polish Culture Festival in Reykjavik at the turn of September and October, 2006.

Icelandic Student Club cooperates with Warsaw-based Polish-Icelandic Friendship Association and keeps in contact with the community of the portal

Icelandic Student Club

Studencki Klub Islandzki

Uniwersytet Warszawski
Instytut Kultury Polskiej
Zakład Kultury Współczesnej
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warszawa
Gmach byłego Szpitala św. Rocha
pokój 04 (niski parter)

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