The Association is an apolitical and non-profit organization which aim is to undertake activities to deepen friendly relations between Poland and Iceland. During regular club meetings the members of the Association have an opportunity to get to know people involved in politics, economy and culture from Poland and The Netherlands. Among the members of TTPN are former soldiers of 1st Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa gen. S. Sosabowskiego and 1st Samodzielna Brygady Pancernej gen. S. Maczka who fought for the freedom of The Netherlands, diplomats who used to work in The Netherlands, journalists, scientists, clerks, students, youth and many other people.
All of them are fascinated about the culture, society, history, science, economy, politics of The Netherlands. TTPS also provides the information about The Netherlands and various aspects of life in the country. There are also organized lectures, film reviews, meetings with Dutches, lessons of the language.
The activities of TPPN are carried out only by volunteers.
The Association is non-profit and all of its income is money given by organizations and private people who are willing to support TPPN in this way.

Polish-Dutch Friendship Association
Towarzystwo Przyjaźni Polsko-Niderlandzkiej (TPPN)
9 Katowicka St
03-932 Warsaw

contact details:
Tel./fax.: (48-22) 616 20 91

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