Argentine Tango Academy is an association focused on promoting tango and gathering tango-lovers. The Academy does not manage any dance school but organises workshops with foreign instructors.

Association Argentine Tango Academy was founded in 1999 to develop tango in Poland and promote this type of music and dance. Tango is not only a great part of national Argentine culture but also a kind of the emotion. The Academy leads classes, organizes workshops, invites dancers and instructors from other countries.

There are also organized performances by the best dancers of the Academia. Also organizes foreign masters and concerts performed by Warsaw-based bands like Machina del Tango, Tangata Quintet, alTango! as well invites groups from other Polish cities: Trio Revirado from Cracow and Silesian QuiTango.

Milongas, evenings with tango, are organized regularly as well.

Argentine Tango Academy
Akademia Tanga Argentyńskiego
16 / 426 Ciołka St
01-443 Warszawa

Contact details:
mob. 502 701 920
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.