Buddhist Mission is a church - denomination group, which was formally registered in Poland on the  June 22,1995 and signed in to the Church and Denomination Groups register in department A spot number 97.

Buddhist Mission was established in August 1992 by the efforts of people, who since the 70’ has been involved with Buddhist religious practices in Poland and are experienced in practicing Dharma based on practices of Buddhist Monasteries in Asia.

In Poland there are centers of various Buddhist traditions, fostered by Buddhist Mission “Three Shelters”. The Main office of the Mission, The Mission Centre and Mission Office are in Szczecin.

Buddhist Mission “Three Shelters” in Poland is Buddhist organization which stands above any cult splinter groups and has two primary aims: 

-           - First is to assist and promote education of Polish monks and nuns in Buddhist countries. The Mission is open to all the Buddhist traditions. Each person who would like to become a monk or a nun can be initiated arbitrarily in one of existing Buddhist traditions, according to her or his choice. The actions of the Mission are based on Siakiamun Buddha’s teachings and they do not allow any forms of division or cult competition.

 -   The second aim of the Mission is spreading the teachings of Dharma in Poland by introducing them in easiest way possible. The Mission was designed to make Buddhism’s way of becoming understood and sociably accepted easier. The presentation of Buddhist ideals to polish society should allow averting a common in non-Buddhist countries belief at this religion, as another cult. 

Buddhist traditions in the Buddhist Mission

Nowadays in Buddhist courtiers there are traditions of Theravada, different schools of Mahayana and Vajrayana. 

Theravada - includes countries such as:  Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand and others.  
 - dominates in countries like China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.
Vajrayana - nowadays includes Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan and Nepal.

In the Buddhist Mission there are centers representing following Buddhist traditions:

 Vajrayana — Tibetan schools:

  • Ningma,
  • Drukpa Kagyu,
  • Karma Kagyu,
  • Sakya

Mahayana —Japanese schools:

  • Soto Zen,
  • Rinzai Zen,
  • Jodo Shinshu 

There are no Theravada schools.

In and around Warsaw there are 9 mission centers:

Warsaw — Mission Centre Ho Hakubaji Sangen (Rinzai Zen)

Warsaw — Polish Sangha Jodo Shinshu Nishi Honganji-ha (Jodo Shinshu)

Warsaw — Mission Information Centre (general)

Warsaw —Bukkoin Temple (Soto Zen)

Warsaw —Shogakuin Temple (Soto Zen)

Warsaw — Warsaw group of Szambala

Warsaw — Dro Phen Dziang Ciub Ling      

Warsaw — Drikung Samten Choling

Warsaw — Sangha  Buddha’s Smile (Uśmiech Buddy)

Wólka Kosowska — Mission Center Ho Hakubaji Sangen (Rinzai Zen)

The  Mission Information Centre (general)
School: Soto Zen
Daitsu Tom Wright
 Dariusz Mroczek
18/46 Hawajska Street
02-776 Warszawa
Phone: 601 27 22 66 

The Buddhist Mission is a member of European Buddhist Union.