The Warsaw department of the French Institute in Poland conducts French public and cultural diplomacy through a wide variety of activities: language courses, running a media library, organizing exhibitions, festivals, conferences and other events; granting scholarships to Polish students going to France to study at universities or to conduct reserach; the support in translating French books into Polish, coopoerating with bilingual schools and romance language studies faculties at univeristies... The facility is subject to the French embassy in Poland.

The French Institute in Warsaw, from 2012 r. the Warsaw division of the French Insitute in Poland. It exists since 1925. In the interwar period it played the role of a univeristy and a scientific centre, subject directly to the Paris University - the prestigious Sorbonne. Back then it had its seat in the Staszic Palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście street, taking advantage of the hospitality of the Warsaw Science Society. 

The aim of this „little Sorbonne” was on the one hand, familiarising not only the students but also the Polish society with a possibly most profound picture of the intelectual life of France. On the otger hand, creating an environment for scientific work of French scholars. The activity of the Institute was very diverse and multfaceted: language teaching, univeristy lectures, library activities, concerts, films, scientific work publication, scholarship granting.

Although the Institute couldn't function uninterrupted, first due to the II World War, then becasue of the antipathy of the authorities of the Peoples Republic of Poland, up to this day its goals remain unchanged. Now the role of the French Institute in Poland  is to spread and popularize French culture in Poland through:

  • language courses (general and specialized; for children, youth, adults, for companies) and organizing egzamination sessions for DELF & DALF certificates or TCF tests; , 
  • promoting France as university study and research internship destination and granting scholarships to excelling Polish students and scientists;
  • running the media library, holding over 20 000 books, 2500 CDs and 2200 DVDs.  
  • cooperation with schools, romance language faculties at universities and Alliance française associations for the promotion of French language teaching ;
  • support with organisig events and festivals linked to the French culture (cinema, theatre, music...) ;
  • support for translators, translating French works into Polish;
  • organising meetins with authors, debates and conferences with the participation of French writers, scientists and intelectuals.
The French Institute in Poland, Warsaw division
12 Widok street

Contact infomation:
tel.: (22) 505 98 00
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