Asia and Pacific Museum was founded in 1973 thanks to Andrzej Wawrzyniak's initiative who donated to the Polish State his private collection of Indonesian art. This unusual Museum, without its permanent exhibition, posses the collection including some 20.000 objects. Its most important collections come from Indonesia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Laos, China, and Papua New Guinea.
The Museum is a meeting place and the space for various activities which aim is to promote cultures of Asian and Pacific countries in Poland. Asia and Pacific Museum undoubtedly creates an extraordinary atmosphere to work for many artists who derive their inspiration from the East.
The Museum supports projects focused on promoting cultures of Asia and Oceania as well as widely understood multiculturalism.

Galeria Azjatycka
5 Freta St
tel.: (+48 22) 635 28 11