Slovak Institute was established on 13th October 1993 when Czech-Slovak Centre for Culture and Information was divided into two independent institutions.
The aim of the Institute is to promote the knowledge and information about Slovakia and its culture, art, education, science, regions, brands, tourism, spas. The Institute also works on developing Polish-Slovak relations in the fields of culture, economy and social contacts.

Slovak Institute promotes:


  • Slovak literature, what involves organizing literature workshops for young authors
  • art, what involves organizing exhibitions of both Slovak and Polish painting and presentations of work by young artsts
  • Slovak music and musicians
  • the Slovak drama and also the Slovak radio and television plays
  • film reviews (also of young film talents and author's retrospectives)
  • Slovak culture institutions such as galleries, libraries, exhibitions
  • Slovak language what involves organizing language courses with native speakers and cooperation with faculties of Slovak language and culture at Polish universities

Slovak Institute

Instytut Słowacki

12/14 a Krzywe Kolo St


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