The world seems to be smaller and smaller nowadays and access to the most distant places in the world is not any problem. But do we really know the distant countries and people living there?
Establishing African Culture Centre we want it to be a meeting place where multicolor beauty and variety of African cultures is shared. Africa is an old continent but still not known enough. For this reason Motema Africa strives to provide rich and reliable information about the continent what involves informing about music, art, dance and cuisine traditions, languages, the history of Africa. And for all the people from Africa who have chosen Poland for their second homeland, the Centre is a place where they can be informed about Polish culture.

There are organized courses in African languages, drum workshops, African dance courses as well as photo exhibitions and African crafts exhibitions in the Centre.

There are also organized courses in Polish language for foreigners.

Motema Africa stress not only the importance of African culture itself but also a strong Francophonian aspect of modern African culture.

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Everyone is invited to meet African culture in the centre of Warsaw!



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Centrum Kultury Afrykańskiej Motema Africa

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