Kenyan-Polish Forum is a non-profit non government institution (NGO) which has undertaken various educational, social, economic and diplomatic activities since 2004. The aim of all the activities is to promote Kanya and its culture in Poland and Poland and Polish culture in Kenya.

The Forum was established by Kenyan graduates and students of Polish Universities as well as Poles who are passionate about Kenya. The members are interested in developing and promoting contacts as well as social and economic issues and mutual understanding between Poland and Kenya. Among KPF's members there are Kenyans, their families, Poles and people of other nationalities.


The aims:

  • developing the friendship between Kenyan and Polish nation.
  • promoting Kenya in Poland (in terms of culture, tourism and commerce)
  • promoting Poland in Kenya (in terms of culture, tourism and commerce)
  • to help members in sudden accidents
  • to cultivate the Kenyan heritage
  • to organize English and Swahili lessons in Poland and to popularize Polish language
  • to sustain ties among KPF's members
  • to support various social activities in Kenya and Poland.
  • to help in exchanging information, knowledge and experiences between Kenyans and Poles in Poland and abroad
  • to support charity activities both in Poland and Kenya

Kenyan-Polish Forum
137 Górczewska St

Contact details:
tel. (22) 386 52 17
fax: +48 (22) 863 22 60