The Orthodox Church on Miodowa Street is run by Basilian monks and besides its main religious message, it also undertakes cultural activities such as organizing soirées and meetings as well as Orthodox music concerts. One of the most important guests was professor Bohdan Osadczuk who had collaborated with Jerzy Giedroyć and his 'Kultura' magazine for many years and who has been an activist for the Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation for over than fifty years. The Orthodox Church has been also visited by poets: Ivan Dracz, Roman Łubkiwskyj, Atena Paszko.

There are also performed concerts by Orthodox choirs in the Orthodox Church. So far concerts have been given by such choirs as: Choir of M. Berezowski, Syntagma Choir, Zhurawli Choir, Dudaryk Choir from Lviv and Kyjiw Choir from Kiev.

During Sunday services at 11.00 a.m. performs The Parish Choir.

Songs performed by The Parish Choir can be listened to at:

Orthodox Church
16 Miodowa Street