Freedom Square, located in the garden of ​​Młodsza Siostra Café, is a meeting place for the Belarusians living in Warsaw. The space of integration is symbolically marked by a sculpture in the form of the letter Ў, which distinguishes the Belarusian alphabet from other East Slavic alphabets.

Freedom Square is a Polish response to Pieremien Square on Czerwiakowa Street in Minsk, where the Belarusian community organized protests against the Lukashenka regime in 2020. In Pieremien Square, there is a painted mural depicting a pair of DJs, Kiryl Halanau and Uladzislau Sakalouski, who played the song “I Want Changes!” by Kino, an rock band from soviet times, during the city party on July 6. In Freedom Square there is a sculpture by Monika Orpik and Nathan Kryszka, who want to encourage Belarusians to look for a common language – to integrate, debate or relax together.

The sculpture is a mobile monument. Currently is situated in the garden of the Młodsza Siostra Café but it will be probably moved to another place and mark a new Freedom Square. 

The inauguration of the Square took place on September 26, 2021. The project was realized as part of the "Mobilni w Kulturze 2021" programme, organized by Warsaw government, coordinated by the Other Space Foundation. 

You can learn more about the initiative through a broadcast of Radio Kapital, hosted by the initiator of the project, Monika Orpik.



Freedom Square
Dobra 14/16 (Młodsza Siostra Café)
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