Laziz is a restaurant, located on the Bielany district, that serves sweet and savoury dishes. It's also famous for its ice cream.

The Laziz café offers not only a great coffee but also warming drinks and sweets. In the restaurant we can taste some Lebanese dishes, that are not so popular in Poland. We can get to know what are the hand-made Manoushe and a Labne cheese. After the feast, we can take some of the Lebanese products to home, for example: olive, pickled vegetables or halvah. During the hot days Laziz is worth visiting for its delicious ice cream. 

The Laziz's service is very kind and professional, so being there is a pure pleasure. But if you'd rather stay at home, you can call earlier and pick up your order in place. 

The Laziz café
Kasprowicza 56 street, 01-871

phone number: 503 809 004

Opening hours:
everyday from 11.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m


Instagram: @laziz_kawiarnia