The Cuban Place is a project that has been growing up in Paweł Bugała's thoughts - he is one of the leading instructors of Cuban dance scene. The huge instructional experience and big involvement in promoting the Cuban dance and music culture in Poland have built the fundament of a consistent vision of that place. The school is not only a dance, most of all it is developing various interests in regard to the culture of this beautiful Caribbean country.

If not for the great staff, coordinated by the group of experienced, charismatic and likeable people in the dance profession, the Cuban Place wouldn't exist. The classes that are held by the instructors pose a good compromise between professionalism, experience, great atmosphere and vivid involvement. The presence on our classes is something worth reliving. 

Passion for the Cuban culture became an excuse to share it with others, regardless of the age, kinesthetic limits or other disabilities. Our long-time experience in activities for disabled people, in cooperation with public benefit organisations, foundations and associations, showed that the positive energy of Cuban culture can break down barriers. The Cuban Place wants to continue this mission so as to be the place everybody-friendly.

With the aim of looking after the customer's comfort, the TCP offers two air-conditioned dance halls, small rooms for the individual classes, cloakrooms with toilets and showers, cafe and spacious terrace, which becomes in the summer a nice comfort area. 

The Cuban Place
Białobrzeska 32 street
02-341 Warsaw
Phone number: 666 280 380
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