As you like it from the "Harry Potter" in Warsaw? Yes! And you even don't have to cross the wall!

As you like it is a cosy, English-speaking bookstore located in the city centre and it's an obligatory place to visit for everyone, who is interested in the Anglo-Saxon culture and would like to have the contact with the language.

Among the books in As you like it you can find albums about various subjects (e.g. art, photography, fashion, architecture, design, culinary or the pop culture), fiction, children and young adults' literature - both modern and classical. Except for the British or American authors you can find there writers with different nationality, also Polish. Thanks to this, people from the foreign countries can get familiar with the Polish literature works in an easy way, without the concern about the language barrier. What is more, on the shelves you can find the comic books, pop-up books and special publishing like stationery, puzzle or games. 

And what if you can't find the dreamy book? The bookstore's service will come to help. The service can order books that are chosen by you and help in looking for the other publications relevant to the subject. 

The bookstore also takes part in different events like "The Bookstore's Night" or "The Week of cosy bookstores" and many other additional activities. You can happen upon some fairs or workshops for example from drawing or collage. Because of the characteristic interior, in the bookstore photo sessions or programme's recordings are held. It's worth following the social media of the bookstore so as to be up to date with them. 

As you like it
Emilii Plater 4 street Warsaw
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone number: (22) 625 28 30