Anatoliy Pudlo

He was born in Ukraine in 1964 near Kamianets-Podilskyi. He has a wife and a son. He graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in mathematics and physics. He worked at the school for about eleven years on various positions - from teacher to principal. Later, several times he changed the business and profession. He has lived in Poland since October 2009. In Warsaw, he finished a two-year post-secondary daily school in the direction of masseur techniques and he is currently working in the cosmetics and medical cooperative work. He cooparates with Inna przestrzeń Foundation since 2010. He wrote a number of articles for the Kontynent Warszawa, he participated in a trainers’ workshop and he completed his own project “Szkoła zdrowia z elementami masażu klasycznego” ("Helath School with elements of classical massage.")